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A on line cellar for a well balanced consumption

BIBIôVERRE is intended to all of you who eat healthy and organic food, who live a well-balanced life, in search for well being and harmony. Our on line sales site was born from our desire to bring to you terroir wines, only available as wines in the bottle on the market, in a packaging which suits a consumption by the glass.

BIBIôVERRE  is an on line cellar with:

1.   1.  A selection of organic wines or wines cultivated in the respect of biodynamic methods.

The range of wines we offer are of a different colour, come from  different regions,  different soils and a different grape varieties. It gives you the opportunity to taste wines which reflect and reveal a specific ‘terroir’. These wines are low in SO2 and this makes them better for your health. They will allow your palate to reveal all their natural and authentic flavours.

2.      2.  A new packaging: The Bag In Tube.

This new packaging is beautiful, convenient and eco-friendly. It allows you to keep the wine between two and four weeks after opening which is much longer than with a bottle. It is ideally suited to serve the wine by the glass and drink it in moderation.

3.       3. Your order is adapted to your monthly consumption.

For cost effectiveness, it is worthwhile to estimate your monthly consumption in line with the recommendations of the French Haute Autorité de Santé and to order our Bags In Tube by consignments of two to six. You can thus reduce the shipping costs and taste several different wines at the same time.

4.      4.  Payment security and guaranteed delivery.

Our website is aimed at individual customers and we also deal with semi -wholesale orders. We make a point in ensuring its reliability, securing all means of payment and ensuring delivery on appointment.

5.      5.  A chain of responsible partners

Our ambition is to combine  tradition with modernity. Our selection of organic wines or wines  cultivated  under biodynamics  perpetuates the millennial tradition of a lively and natural wine which reflects its ‘terroir’. With our new packaging and our network of partners we promote tomorrow’s consumption, responsible and eco-friendly.